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Multi Award Winning property acquisition for home buyers and investors

SKS LP specialises in acquiring exceptional homes and investments for you in some of the UK’s most desirable locations.

Successfully acquiring the best property takes time and dedicated resources; it is a full time job. With us working hard for you, you can access every agent with just one, easy point of contact.

Our discreet approach also therefore means that your identity is not part of the negotiations or the headlines.

SKS Luxury Property

Official Reports

... are currently saying London property flatline due to Brexit is temporary

With the exception of rare collectables, real estate remains the safest asset class in UK.

Safe Asset Class

Brexit Hedge

London market set to rebound by 1.5% per month in 2020. Source: Reuters

London remains the City with the most demand and undersupply of the UK.

Supply & Demand


Our helpful staff with identify with you your precise requirements. Whether you are buying or selling, your exact circumstances, and wishes.


Whether you are buying or selling, our staff will match your requirements with the vast array of opportunities on our books. Don't forget these are pre-market, so you are the first to know!

Viewings/Buyer interviews

When you are buying we escort you to the property, or make special technology based viewing arrangements for you. When you are selling we interview potential buyers for you. We also negotiate on your behalf, so you don't have to.

Process breakdown

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SKS Luxury Property